About This Project


Breed: Greyhound

Age: 4 (DoB 20/08/15)

Donation: £200

Laser is a recently retired racing greyhound, registered with the Irish Greyhound Board under the name  Cronody Magic.  He has never lived in a house and will need help and patience from a great home to help him to be a  ‘pet’ dog.

Sadly, he is yet another ‘boring’ black dog and, at present, is so quiet and timid, he is like a little ghost dog.  Jasper, the brindle Greyhound that arrived with Laser, is very outward going and playful.  Laser is the complete opposite.  I really really hope someone, somewhere will be willing to take Laser and completely and utterly transform his life.  It will be greatly rewarding – for you and for him !!!