About This Project


Breed: Springer Spaniel x Collie

Age: TBC

Donation: £300


  • Must live with other dogs
  • Not cat tested
  • Can live with children 13+


Lucy the sprollie arrived with us here a few months ago and was incredibly shy and very timid. This was strange as she was allegedly a spayed ‘pet’ dog. Lucy has gradually got a lot happier and braver which was massively helped by the fact she lives with other dogs and is very happy doing so. Indeed, she would mega struggle being kept without canine company!

Lucy shows a lot of interest in moving things – eg will sit watching the sheep happily for ages, but doesn’t actually show strong prey drive. She is quite a character!

We are looking for a special, kind, rural home with at least one other friendly dog to act as a companion and comfort for Lucy. We have zero history regarding her past so do not know what she is like with cats or children unfortunately and therefore is best placed without either.