Macaroon – Applications Closed

About This Project


Breed: French bulldog
Age: 3.5 years 
Donation: £350

  • Macaroon can live with children 4+
  • Macaroon can live with other dogs
  • Macaroon can live with cats

Background: Macaroon arrived in our care recently having been handed in by a breeder. Although she has had a unsettled start, she quickly adapted to a more pampered lifestyle in her loving foster home where she has made great progress.

Character: Macaroon is very sweet and gentle natured – she loves human interaction now she has learnt that her humans are kind, but is still learning how to play. Macaroon loves to cuddle on the sofa and prefers to be close to her humans, she will quickly become a little shadow.

Type of home and family: Macaroon does not like to be left alone and so is best suited to a family where there isn’t a need for her to be left much. Macaroon has now also been child tested (living in a home with a 4 year old) and cat tested and was a good girl with both!

Dogs and cats: Macaroon gets on well with other dogs, enjoys playing and is very patient with them but she can be a tad intimidated by large dogs. Macaroon can show some jealousy when other dogs show her humans affection, and so if she goes to a home with other dogs this will require some training. Macaroon has had no issues with cats she has met on walks or the resident cat in a home she stayed in whilst her foster carers were on holiday.

Outside of the house: Macaroon is doing well with her walking and enjoys going out – she is now more confident when passing dogs and people but is still nervous of cars and buses driving past so will need reassurance.

Adoption: Macaroon is in foster care in South Gloucestershire and applicants must be ready to come and meet her in her foster home. Please ensure you read our ‘adopting’ page before applying.