About This Project


Breed: Mixed breed

Age: Approximately 2-3 years old

Donation: £350


  • Margaret can live with or without other dogs
  • Margaret can live with children aged 12 and over
  • Margaret needs a patient and caring home as she has never been a pet dog

    Massive, magnificent Margaret is looking for a wonderful forever home. She has had a very tough early life and recently came to this country to enable us to find her a worthy home. She is a big girl and should be about 50 kgs.

    Margaret arrived with infected eyes which have now cleared up after treatment. Unfortunately, both of her eyes are ‘diamond’ shaped and also have the very painful condition called entropion – which is where the eyelashes turn in and constantly rub her eyeballs. Whilst this is an uncomfortable condition, it is treatable with corrective surgery. She will be reassessed shortly now the conjunctivitis has cleared up and the best plan will be decided.

    Margaret’s age was said to be 9 years but she is definitely considerably young. Two to three years old according to our vets and to her behaviour.

    Margaret is incredibly good-natured, sweet and very gentle. Understandably she is also rather shy and will never have lived in a house before. She keeps her room here very neat and tidy though.

    We are looking for a rural home with a large garden, lovely local walks and exceptionally lovely caring people. In view of her large size, no small children though.