About This Project


Breed: Cross

Age: Almost 11 years old (DoB 12 January 2010)

Donation: £200

When Merlin was rescued from a killing station in Romania last summer, nothing was known of his past and he seemed really old. In his fantastic foster home, he seems to be shedding years – he must feel like he’s died and gone to heaven.

He’s a very thick coated large cross breed boy who definitely needs other dog/s plus very large garden, countryside home where he can, if he wants, safely sleep outside at night – he gets too hot to be indoors too much. He is great with cats, chickens, other dogs, people, but has not met babies or toddlers.

At present, we are only rehoming locally – broadly speaking within a 15 mile radius of the place where the dog is being fostered – which, in the case of Merlin, is Weston super Mare.



“Merlin has been with us for 2 weeks now and he has his paws well under the table! When we first got him, he was clearly eyeing up the nearest exit route but when he failed to find one he decided that we weren’t so bad and now wags his tail when we approach the house on our return from walks. In fact, his tail has been wagging more every day! He’s beginning to learn his name and will take a treat from our hands, so long as it’s high value (a small bit of cheese or a gross chicken’s foot are particular favourites!).

Our labradoodle Arthur has been patiently teaching him to play with his toys and now we have 64 kilos of dog regularly barrelling around our house! Merlin has also got involved in my pilates class (not helpful; he just loves sitting on my pilates mat!) and he has attended all of my seminars. The students love him!

He’s also been enjoying lots of walks in the woods and fields. He also decided within a couple of days that he’d rather be an inside dog than an outside one! He likes to snore on his bed (out of sync with Arthur’s snoring obviously!) while I work and teach! He also adores being brushed and demands lots of cuddles and fuss!

He is the perfect dog for us (along with Arthur of course!) and we can’t thank Dog’s Friend’s enough for rescuing him. We’d also really like to thank his amazing foster carer, Lucia, for all her help and for looking after him until he came to us.”