About This Project


Breed: Cross

Age: 3 (DoB 12 June 2017)

Donation:  £300

Michael is three years old and from Romania. Apparently he was beaten very badly by his owner and then taken to a kill shelter, from where he was rescued. He is cautious and hangs back until he is sure of the position (he would not come into the house the first night he was in foster), but gradually gains in confidence and shows a playful side. He is a very nice dog indeed –  gentle and likes to be stroked, but there is still some settling to do, and it would be great if he could do it in a forever home.  He is well built and athletic.

Since his time in the shelter (see photo), he has been with Sage, and is at present fostered with him. While he would manage as an only dog,  we think he would settle better with another dog who can provide support and guidance. We have no experience of him with children, so we are unable to home where there are young children.