About This Project

Breed: Beagle

Age: 6 years

Donation: £200.

Tiny little beagle, Mindy, arrived here a few months ago in an awful state.  She had a very bad back leg and her eyes were so sore, she could hardly see.  Mindy has had a lot of care and vet treatment.  She is now very much better and is fit, active and very happy.
We are looking for a five star home for Miss Mindy.  Definitely a country home where there is at least one other friendly dog.  She is a retired puppy farm girl and so will not have lived in a house before.  She is a bit of an escape artist so needs a secure garden !!!  Mindy is super sweet-natured and is just 8 kgs.  She is on a fitness plan to build up the strength in her injured back leg and this is working well