About This Project


Breed: Beagle x Terrier

Age: 8 years old

Donation: £300


  • Molly can live with or without other dogs
  • Molly can live with children aged 8 and over
  • Molly would prefer someone who is home most of the time

      Molly is middle-aged but her behaviour is very playful and puppylike at times! She absolutely loves her toys. She is a sweet-natured dog that just wants lots of attention.

      She gets on with all dogs and is able to express boundaries well so could live in a home with or without other dogs.

      She seems to get on well with children and could be homed with a family that is used to dogs. Molly is good out and about on the lead and is fine with traffic and noise.

      Molly is still learning how to live in a house so will need continued patience and guidance to help her understand how to behave at home. She is fun and can be a bit mischievous. Molly loves her food and like most Beagles will take any opportunity to get it! She would prefer a home where somebody is around most of the time and likes to be close to her people.

      Molly has a couple of minor health issues that can be discussed with applicants.



      A big thank you to Shayne for capturing such great photos of Molly. Aren’t they lovely?! To get in touch and book yourself a photoshoot, visit Shayne’s Facebook page here