About This Project


Breed: French Bulldog (7.5kg)

Age: 18 months 

Donation: £350 


  • Can live with gentle and calm children 4+
  • Can live with placid and gentle dogs
  • Could live with cats with careful introduction


Background – Olivia came to Dogs Friends from a breeding background and in a bit of a pickle, and is currently in foster care in South Gloucestershire.

Character – Olivia is a quiet little girl, she is a calm soul who is very gentle and would love to be someone’s companion. This special girl is incredibly sweet and absolutely no trouble – she just loves attention.

Type of home – Olivia would be best placed in a calm home, she is still a little anxious of sudden movements and approaches but warms up very quickly. Olivia is very much a lap dog who loves attention – she probably wouldn’t enjoy a super active home as she is more a lady of leisure!

Dogs and cats – Olivia is friendly with other dogs and is in foster care with Orla and a bouncy lab called Otis but she does seem like she might prefer the quieter life, therefore could be a solo pooch or live with a very placid friend. Olivia is not cat tested, but is very calm so may be able to live with felines with careful introductions.

Health – Olivia has luxating patella and her legs are all a bit wonky, this will hopefully improve significantly with gentle exercise and care. Olivia may require surgery in the future (if our vets deem this necessary and appropriate), which would be carried out by our vets when finances allow. This will be discussed in more detail with applicants.

Adoption – Olivia is ready to move on to her adoptive home and applicants should be ready to welcome their new family member within the appropriate time scales. Please read our adopting page BEFORE applying.