About This Project


Breed: Mixed breed

Age: 7 months old

Donation: £350

  • Patty would prefer to live with another dog
  • Patty can live with children aged 14 and over
  • Patty could live with cats following careful introductions
  • Patty would prefer a female only home

Patty is a gorgeous 7-month-old mixed breed who craves affection and happily lies down for kisses and belly rubs! She is generally a happy young girl with all the energy you’d expect from a pooch her age.

Patty is still working on her training but knows the basics of sit and down. She is also coming on well with her house training although does have the occasional accident.

Patty is a joy to have around and greets you every time you enter a room like you’re the best thing she’s ever seen. She loves chilling on the sofa and cuddling on the bed so would love a family that is just as cuddly!

Patty is currently living with cats in her foster home and just wants to play with them all day. She also loves other dogs and so would prefer to live with an older calm dog in a household.

Patty absolutely loves toys but is cheeky and will chew through them in seconds – chew toys or more durable toys are a must!

Patty loves going on walks and adventures so would benefit from an active family – she would walk all day if allowed!

Patty would prefer a female-only household and could live with children aged 14 and over.