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About This Project


Breed: Schnauzer

Age: 7 years

Donation: £300


Background: Penny arrived in our care in a terribly matted state from a breeder – she was in quite a pickle but was much happier once she had had years worth of matting removed from her. Fortunately Penny found a lovely foster placement where she has made great progress, and she is now ready to look for her forever family.

Character: Penny is turning into such an adorable character who loves snuggles, she has really come out of her shell but is still very cautious and can be easily scared by sudden movements or loud noises.

Dogs and cats: Penny must live with other dogs (must be neutered) and would take great comfort in canine companionship in the home, and she can also live with cats with careful introductions.

Ideal home: Penny will need a calm and sensible home with a family who understand that she will need time and patience. A semi active home would be the best fit – she loves going out for walks and does a funny little excited dance when she knows it’s time to go! Penny can be left alone for short periods of time but can sometimes enjoy a little chew on anything she can find so a suitable safe room with a stair gate may be ideal for when you need to pop out! Penny is very wary of males and may be best suited to a female only household.

Health: Penny has a 1/6 heart murmur which does not cause her any problems and does not currently require any special treatment, medication or care. Penny is spayed and in good health otherwise.

Adoption: Penny is in foster care in Winscombe and applicants must be willing to come and meet her here.