About This Project

Breed: Beagle X Foxhound

Age: 2 years

Donation: £200.


He is a young beagle cross foxhound that needs further training and lots of exercise plus clear guidelines.   He came from a home where his owner had bad mental health issues and this massively impacted on the young dog.
Foster carer reports – ‘ He is a lovely dog and has changed so much in the first four weeks in our home but we do have a couple of concerns.
We are convinced that at some point he has had some training.  He will sit, lie down and stay on command and you can leave a treat on his paw until you say “take it.”  His recall around the house and our garden is OK but almost non-existent when walking in the fields – he loves to chase a rabbit smell!  We gather this is typical of the breed
He is no longer scared of his own shadow nor of people walking in the room above.  However, certain noises and things can scare him and it is not evident to us what those are.  We cannot read the signs and wonder whether he is long-sighted as he will often miss rabbits close to him but can see them at a distance. He is scared of the cat – and the cat can sense this!
We are now able to touch him and to tickle his head,  He willingly snuggles up to us and our dogs and we leave it for him to come to us, not the other way around.
He is crate trained and recognises it as his safe space.  He will sit in it for food and whilst we are preparing food and eating.  He only complains if he can’t watch what is happening in the kitchen!  We have learnt that this is the best way to avoid resource-guarding issues. He does not appear to understand doggy etiquette nor read other dogs’ moods.  When he meets a dog out, he wants to play and cannot understand that they don’t want to join in.   We wonder whether this could be a sign of being long sighted. He doesn’t appear fazed by the car.
We have all grown attached to Pocket and his funny little ways.  He has the potential to become a very lovely dog but unfortunately he has not really gelled with our dogs and we feel that if a better home could be found (either where he is a single dog with someone working part time or with a someone who has more experience of hounds) then he should be given that chance.