About This Project


Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 3 years old

Donation: £300


  • Ralph must live with another dog
  • Ralph needs an adult only home
  • Ralph is a playful youngster with lots of character!

    Ralph is a very energetic and fun-loving boy, looking for a playmate to rough and tumble with for the rest of his days. Whether in kennels or his foster home, he has been a joyful character who loves food, play, walks and belly rubs.

    Before he came to us, Ralph was a much-loved pet who lived a very pampered life. Unfortunately, he was rehomed due to a change in circumstance and then surrendered to us following a bite incident thought to be caused by pain from an injury. Since then he has been thoroughly vet-checked and given a clean bill of health, and has not shown any aggressive behaviour in kennels or foster, with dogs or people.

    As a bully boy, he has a very boisterous play style and can play-bite when over-aroused, so he needs an adult-only home with somebody who understands his breed type and can teach him some boundaries and appropriate play.

    Ralph has been thriving in a multi-dog foster home and spends his days trying to encourage the rest of his pack to play. He would be happiest with a tolerant and playful canine role model or two. Whilst he’s very people friendly and loyal, he also enjoys being one of the dogs and doesn’t want to be overly babied.

    He’s very energetic and loves running around with his toys, so he needs an active household to tire him out and give him plenty of mental stimulation.

    Applicants must be willing to attend a meet and greet at his foster home in Bridgwater. A home check and vet reference (where applicable) will be conducted.