Rebel – Applications Closed

About This Project


Breed: Beagle

Age: 25/03/2022 (est.)

Donation: £350


  • Rebel must live with another dog
  • Rebel can live with cats
  • Rebel can live with children 8+


Background – Rebel was found abandoned and served his 7 days at the Pound. Sadly, Rebel was never claimed and is believed to be approximately 4-5 months old as he still has his puppy teeth.

Character – Rebel is a very playful young dog that loves running crazily around the garden with his canine friends but will then crash out on the sofa. Rebel enjoys human company and physical affection – his favourite thing to do is to give hugs!

Type of home – Due to his difficult start in life, Rebel hasn’t received the basic training and socialisation a puppy of his age should have received by now. For example, Rebel would have never walked on a lead and won’t know how to sit on command so needs an owner/family willing and able to put in the work.

Rebel is a lively young chap so will need a family that can keep up with his energy and enthusiasm.

Dogs and Cats – Rebel currently lives in a multi-dog and cat household with no problems. He enjoys the company of other dogs and a rough and tumble!

Adopting – Rebel is in foster care in Weston Super Mare. Applicants must be willing to accommodate a home check, vet reference check (where applicable) and a visit to Rebel in his home.