Remi and Lucy

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Remi and Lucy

Breed: Bichon Frise

Age: 03/12/2025 (Remi) and 11/12/2016 (Lucy)

Donation: £450 (pair)


  • Can live with other dogs
  • Could possibly live with cats
  • Can live with children 6+

Background – Remi and Lucy were both rescued from a puppy farm, Remi had a serious ear infection which has now been resolved but should be kept an eye on and cleaned regularly. Lucy had dental surgery to remove the majority of her teeth so she does take her time to eat and chew but other than that it doesn’t affect her. They are both currently on a Raw food diet. When they first arrived, they knew what very few domestic things were, stairs, washing machine etc. They have taken major strides in this area and aren’t bothered by the vacuum cleaner or fireworks or other noisy things now.

Type of home – Remi and Lucy will fit in easily to quieter homes, they’re a pair of gentle souls so the noise and chaos that can come with younger families would be a set back for them but older dog savvy children will adore them. They’re fine to be left crated for 2 hours during the day and Remi is given a kong to occupy her. Their toilet training is patchy and regular trips to the garden throughout the day are important to help them succeed. Lucy happily goes to the toilet on walks, Remi is still learning that this is ok.

People – Lucy and Remi both greet people happily on their walks including dogs and children. They prefer a calm and measured approached to discipline, shouting is counterproductive.

Children – Due to their quiet dispositions and how new the world is to them an older, calm and sensible home is required, ideally where their humans take the time to introduce them to new things.

Dogs and cats – They are good and gentle with any dogs they come across. They are very bonded to each other but are happy to have other doggy friends too so a house with or without a resident dog would be suitable. They are likely to be unphased by cats but have not been tested in this respect

Outside of the house – Lucy and Remi are doing well at walking on the lead, they look forward to their walks and volunteer to have their harnesses put on. Lucy in particular is a big fan of exploring the outside world with her nose. Lucy travels well in the car Remi finds the car a bit nerve racking so needs more reassurance and contact.

Health – Remi’s ears have had a deep infection previously and will require monitoring and regular cleaning. Remi is working on her confidence and calmness and currently to support this she is having vetpro supplements to reduce her anxiety. Remi is due to be spayed in April. As part of this she will have an umbilical hernia repair which won’t affect her from that point on.

A note from the fosterer: Lucy is an easy and sweet little dog, though sometimes we’re not sure she’s all that bright! She has mastered the cute, vacant stare. Remi is slightly brighter, and a bit more street wise. She can be a bit more of a disruptor and where she is anxious she can affect Lucy’s behaviour a little. Remi and Lucy would really benefit from being able to sleep near their new family. Remi finds night times unsettling though the pro vet has helped somewhat she would definitely benefit from being able to cuddle up to her owner at night. Currently they’re both given a stuffed kong at night to help them settle. They still have some learning to do with toilet training so someone who can establish a routine with that and has a nice secure space in their garden is a must. Remi absolutely loves a cuddle and will happily sit beside you on the sofa, she is currently learning ‘Sit’ and is offering her paw. We think she’s smart enough to learn lots of new tricks if there is food on offer.

Adoption: The dogs are in foster care in Clevedon and applicants must be willing to come and visit them here.