About This Project


Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 1 years 4 months old

Donation: £450

  • Rex can live with other dogs
  • Rex can live with children aged 8 and over
  • Rex has not been cat tested
    Confident, curious, full of energy – this Frenchie is part mountain goat and loves to explore. Rex loves brisk walks and enjoys checking out the smells with an endearing snorting/snuffling sound and would flourish in an active environment.

    Rex is boisterous in greeting, playful and loves his chew bone and squeaky toys – he’s also really enjoying living as part of a pack in his foster home and adores playtime with other friendly dogs – he likes to prance in front of them until they join in with his zoomies!

    Rex is doing well on his lead training but still has a tendency to pull when he catches an exciting scent! After a walk he will happily snooze until the other love of his life, FOOD, appears – he’ll be your best pall if you offer him a treat!

    Rex does have a sensitive tummy and so will require adopters who are willing to continue with his special diet. Rex weighs 14kg and so is slightly bigger than a typical Frenchie, but that just means there is more to love!