About This Project


Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 2 years old

Donation: £450


  • Robyn can live with or without other dogs
  • Robyn can live with children aged 4 and over
  • Robyn has not been cat tested
    Robyn is a wonderful, sweet and gentle girl who has won over many during her time with Dogs Friends.

    Robyn is very affectionate and would thrive in a home where she is very much part of the family – she loves nothing more than taking long naps on your lap or snoring away under the duvet! Robyn also loves playing with other dogs and will happily charge around the house for hours!

    Robyn is still rather unsure of being left alone and likes to follow you everywhere in the house, and is also nervous of sudden or fast movements. Considering this, Robyn would prefer a calm and patient home that can be considerate of these needs.

    Robyn has been poorly and is undergoing some investigate vet treatment but we hope to look for her adoptive home very soon.