About This Project


Breed: Cross

Age: 5 (DoB 20 March 2015)

Donation:  £250

Sage is five years old. For most of those years, he was permanently chained up in the Romanian countryside, presumably as a guard dog. When his owners moved to the city, he was sent to  a kill shelter from where he was rescued. He is quiet in the house,  the gentlest of souls, loves to stroked and combed and can be handled at will; having never been allowed to walk, needless to say he now loves going out, but does not need a lot of exercise. He would suit someone who likes large dogs, but is not able to give them a lot of exercise. He is about 40kg, but may fill out a bit (but is not  greedy with food). He has two issues:

  • His back legs are a bit wonky, never having been exercised. He may suffer some pain and this may restrict his mobility in the future, but he walks well at present. His legs also have bald patches and sores from being permanently on a concrete floor – these are being successfully treated.
  • He is at present reactive to other dogs when out. We take this to be anxiety and his background, and are working with a behaviourist.

We think he will be fine as an only dog or with another dog once properly introduced. We have no experience of him with children, so we are unable to home where there are young children.