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Breed: Collie type

Age: 3

Donation:  £TBA

Shadow was rescued a couple of months ago from a Public Shelter (aka Killing Station) in Romania after I saw his terrified but resigned face there.

Shadow was very scared when he first got here and just hid behind the sofa in his kennel for the first few days.   He’s got so much more confident and happier now.  He is really pleased to have a fuss and be kindly spoken to.   Now I can get to touch him and be really close, it’s obvious that he can hardly see.  His eyes look ‘dead’.  We have had several Welsh collies arrived with this issue.  I believe he’s got a condition called progressive retina atrophy or something similar.   He’s going to see the vet tomorrow for a proper diagnosis.   I’ve noticed he’s also got a very sore and infected broken tooth.  This will be sorted too.  Just hope the poor dog will not be too frightened going to another strange place.

Shadow is a very thin, incredibly kind natured 3 year old black and white collie type.  Hopefully an amazing family or person will offer this special soul a good forever, understanding, countryside home.  He has really captured my heart.