About This Project

Breed: Possible Huntaway – not quite ready for adoption yet

Age:   12 months

Donation: £200.


Sirius is a very handsome young black dog.  He was found abandoned on the Brecon Beacons.  After spending 7 days at the council pound, he recently came over to us so we could find him a great forever home.  The pound described him as a Labrador cross but our vet thinks he is much more likely to be a Huntaway and we are inclined to agree.
He is amazingly friendly and super bright.  But also he was painfully thin when he first arrived here.  He weighed 22 kgs and our vet thinks he really should be 30 kgs to be a healthy weight.  Sirius was very lucky in that he quickly went to a lovely foster home near Bristol.  His foster carers are very experienced in training and nurturing this type of dog.  Sirius was aged by our vet as a maximum 12 months old.
Foster carer update – He has settled in well.  He is now house-trained, uses the dog door and loves playing with Bruno.  He can be very skittish at certain times e.g. watching TV when car chases are on.  He hates the vacuum cleaner (don’t we all).  He is all over the place on the lead, but will get better as his excitement calms down.  He is great with people, big and small.  He craves affection.  He loves playing with the hose water too.  A real character and very endearing.
We are currently working on increasing his weight.