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Breed: American Bulldog

Age: 6 years old

Donation: TBA

  • Smudge needs an adult only home – he is bouncy and strong
  • Smudge is happiest as the only dog
  • Smudge needs further training


Handsome boy, Smudge, arrived here early last summer in a sad and sorry state.  We had no information about his past. He was in very poor condition with extremely painful and deformed legs.

Smudge was lucky enough to go to a lovely foster family, where he really thrived.  He had plenty of x-rays, pain killers, saw the specialist, etc. It was concluded that he had been born with deformed legs, especially his front ones. If he had been operated on and nurtured at a young age, things could have panned out very differently for him.  Now, at the age of four, it was too late for surgery. It was recommended he had intensive physio and when strong enough, hydrotherapy treatment.

As he was feeling a lot better and became very bouncy, especially as he had to be on very restricted exercise, he got too much for the young children in his foster home. It was a shame to have to move him and they were all upset, but, safety first. Smudge was lucky enough to then go to be fostered by a couple of brothers. They have done a great job with him too and have devotedly travelled frequently back and forth for Smudge to have all the physio and swimming he needed. He has finally finished all the physio work he needs but ideally, he will need ongoing hydrotherapy treatment.

We are looking for a home willing to facilitate this treatment at a hydrotherapy centre local to them. Smudge is currently on daily painkillers and will need this long term.

We are looking for a great, forever home for him. He needs further training and a sensible adult only home where he can continue to be nurtured and supported. Smudge is super human friendly and a very loyal, happy soul.  He is now fit and strong and so needs an owner who can manage this.

Smudge is in foster care in Bristol and applicants must be willing to come and meet him.