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Breed: American Bulldog

Age: 5 (DoB 15/05/2015)

Donation:  TBA

Assessment on arrival: about 34 kgs, roughly right; coat  in poor condition; very lively and super friendly.

But Smudge has a problem with his legs which cannot be cured, simply managed by painkillers and helped by hydrotherapy. This means that his activity must always be limited, which is difficult because he is young and playful. The answer is lots of mental activity, someone to keep him occupied with a variety of mind games, perhaps someone who is not very mobile themselves.  They also need to be near a hydrotherapy centre, such as at Chapel Farm where he can be taken every week, at least to begin with. We know this is a big ask but we also know there is someone out there for this great boy. Here is what his fosterers say:

Smudge is a real big softie, and amazing around children. He loves his little walk in the evenings, and to sit in the field to watch the other dogs play and the world pass him by. It’s heart breaking that Smudge has such bad legs that stop him from doing so much doggy things, but he’s such a special loving dog, who wants nothing more than a good old ear rub, and an comfortable bed to snuggle up on, and someone to tuck him up at night time with a soft blanket and a pillow to rest his head on after a long hard day