About This Project

Breed: Huskies

Age:   c. 11 years

Donation: £200. for the pair


Thunder was originally adopted from us ten years old when he was a young boy.  He was such a good dog, the family got another husky a couple of years later.  Both dogs have been very much loved and well cared for.  They had a massive, safe garden plus plenty of attention and exercise.  Very sadly, the family has now broken up and neither partner could take Thunder and Lightning to live with them.
We will ALWAYS take back any dogs that are adopted from us and, as both boys are very attached to each other, they both arrived here a few weeks ago.  It has taken them a while to settle as they were very puzzled and confused at first.  Now they are used to being here, both are just so good, well behaved and so friendly.  Bigger boy, Lightning, shows a little too much interest in our sheep, but is easily guided.  They travel well and are fantastically well behaved on leads, etc.
Both dogs weigh 22 kgs.  We are trying to get some more weight on Lightning as he is too thin and should weigh about 26 or 27 kgs, but both dogs are picky eaters, so its proving rather hard to fatten him up.  I am sure once they are back in a home, they will be much happier and gain weight.