About This Project


Breed: Collie

Age: 1

Donation: £350


Background: 12 month old Tilly is a border collie girl who is looking for her forever home after a bumpy first year. She was bought as a puppy by an older couple who couldn’t manage her breed needs, and then adopted into a multi-dog household which she has found a little overstimulating.

Character: Tilly is a very sweet, loving & clever girl. She is eager to please and a fast learner, having undergone basic training and enjoyed hoopers classes. She’s very food motivated so easy to train. Tilly has been well socialised and so you can take her anywhere happily. She loves nothing more than a fuss from people and will creep up onto your lap for a cuddle. She loves exploring on walks, especially if they involve water, but is quite lazy by collie standards!

Dogs and cats: Tilly is good with dogs she meets out, and loves to play, although large, boisterous ones can worry her. That being said, she would prefer to live either as an only dog or with a similar sized male. She cannot live with other females or small dogs as they bring out her collie “control” herding instincts too much and she cannot “switch off” around them. She’s good with horses and small animals so may be able to live with cats with careful introductions.

Ideal home: Tilly needs a family who understand her breed and can carry on her training to bring out her full potential. She is very gentle with children but her collie sound and movement sensitivity means she’d prefer older, calmer children she doesn’t need to round up! She can be left for a short time but will need more training in building this up, as well as leash walking as she can be strong on lead.