Twmru (Ty)

About This Project

Twmru (Ty)

Breed: Terrier

Age: 4 years

Donation: £350


    • Can live with other dogs
    • Prefers a home with adults
    • May be able to live with cats


– Some things have seemed new to Ty when it comes to home life. He has had a real learning curve while trying to navigate glass doors (preferring to try to go through rather than around). And stairs were WEIRD (but soon mastered).

Character – You cannot help but smile when you meet this boy. He is a delightful goofball. He needs to say hello to ALL of the people and ALL of the dogs and is confident with both. After invading your personal space (by putting his tongue up your nose) his next favourite things are food and tennis balls.
Warning: Don’t be fooled by his goofy nature, this boy is smart! Ty loves to learn and is food orientated so we don’t anticipate training issues. With consistency, there are no limits to what he could achieve. (Taking into account moments of selective hearing which come with the terrier territory.)

Type of home – Ty is your number one fan. He relishes the company of his humans. And loves to curl up on your lap at the end of a busy day and even pays attention to the TV. His curious nature will mean his back-end protruding from any interesting nooks and crannies in your home will become a familiar sight. He is loves to be outside, so an active family is a must. Ty is very good on a lead and seems happy to travel in a car.
He will need an owner who is committed to training his mind too. Ty needs to learn a few manners in the home, like respecting personal space while the humans are eating. But, every day he is is making progress with this and we can’t see this being a long term issue.

Dogs and Cats – Being the handsome chap that he is, Ty loves nothing more than to strut his stuff among a pack. He loves to play with other dogs and we think he would be so happy with a young and playful friend. Equally, he is fine in his own company for short periods (provided there is a good stash of tennis balls nearby).
He is simply delighted by every dog he sees. And, despite his excitement, he understands doggy social cues (sometimes after being reminded) and knows when to give his friends space when they would prefer not to have a tongue up their nose (their loss).
Ty has seen a cat and did show interest, but didn’t lunge or chase. He has also seen livestock and shown an interest but has not lunged.

Specific needs – Ty needs to be kept on his own to eat his meals as he is still learning his manners!