About This Project


Breed: Cocker Spaniel 

Age: 4 years 

Donation: £400


  • Cannot live with children
  • Could live with other dogs
  • Not cat tested


Background – Billy arrived with us with a little known history.

Character – Billy is generally a happy, lively dog who likes people and other dogs.

With other dogs – Billy loves to play with other dogs here (his best pal is a Labrador).

Training needs – When Billy went to a busy family foster home, he exhibited resource guarding behaviours towards people and dogs by guarding bed spaces/food/toys. Although he does not exhibit this behaviour in the kennels, his new home will need to be mindful that this behaviour could repeat if he feel stressed. We are happy to discuss this further with applicants and talk through strategies to manage this.

Type of home – Billy will need an experienced home with people who have an active, outdoorsy lifestyle, and who are happy to work on his training. To err on the side of caution, we would not place him in a home with young children.

Adoption – Billy is a resident at our kennels and applicants will need to come and meet him here.