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About This Project


Age: 15 years

Breed: English Toy Terrier (ETT)

Donation: £

  • Could live with other dogs
  • Not cat tested (never lived with them)


Sadly Jack’s adoring owner recently passed away. We would love to find a forever home for him to continue to be loved for the remainder of his twilight years.


Jack is a friendly and cuddly little dog, he has shown signs of depression recently understandably after losing his human.

Jack does have a small bladder, and although dry/clean during the day (as long as he’s let out every hour for a wee), he usually needs a wee the moment he gets out of bed in the morning so sometimes has the odd accident. He‘s never done a poo inside.

This gorgeous old man is hearing and sight impaired, and really just wants to sleep and cuddle up all day.

Type of home

Jack would love a home where he could be with his humans most of the time so that he can be surrounded by love as much as possible.
His new family would need to be patient and not mind little accidents in the home now and then.

Jack can live with or without other dogs who would be gentle around this older gentleman.
Jack has never lived with cats and so is untested in a home environment. It may be best he goes to a home without cats.


Jack is almost completely blind and deaf


Jack is in foster care and successful applicants will need to come and meet him at his adoptive home.