About This Project


Breed: Staffy

Age: 7/8

Donation: £100

Luna was rehomed by Dogs Friends a few years ago, but unfortunately her family who love her dearly are reluctantly having to rehome her. She is a pretty brindle white Staffy. Luna is a very sensitive/anxious girl at times so needs a patient, strong and understanding person to work with her. She is food oriented, which will make the training she needs easier. Ideally she would have an active life in the country with a big garden, where she can sunbathe to her heart’s content

She loves:

•             People and lives for cuddles on the sofa

•             Going for walks

•             Being tucked up at night with her covers with a bedtime biscuit.

•             Sunbathing & just chilling in the sun

•             Sweet potato, peanut butter, apples, strawberries, mango and banana, cheese, and sardines in spring water. Actually, any food.

She doesn’t like:

•             Some dogs, she can be reactive and wears an “I need space” jacket. Also, cats!

•             Young children – she is very unsure of them – but good with children over 13.

•             The rain & having her paws wiped – she may be ticklish!!!

•             Going to the vets – unsure and needs lots of positive encouragement

•             Gets anxious in the car but can do short journeys