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Breed: Collie (11kg)

Age: 18 months 

Donation: £350

  • Best as an only dog
  • Cannot live with cats or small furries
  • Could live with older children 14+
  • Needs an experienced home
  • Needs a rural home

About Meg (written by foster carer)

Meg is a very loving pup but highly strung and quite anxious. Her foster carer works very hard on a daily basis to keep her on a calm level and she has improved enormously over the time she’s been there. She’s learning to play  and gives up toys quite happily also beginning to play gentle tug. Her favourite game is throwing toys downstairs then galloping down to retrieve them, to dash back upstairs and start again.

In the house she is crate trained and will sleep through the night in her crate. If her foster carer goes out she will also stay in her crate quite happily. She is now housetrained reasonably well although you need to be on the ball when she’s asking to go out. Once she’s outside she can take several minutes to be confident enough to go. If her foster carer is pottering around the house then she’ll sleep on one of the multiple dog beds there are around. She is very overstimulated with high things outside the windows.

Outside of the house she is overwhelmed by everything – she seems to have no experience of the outside world. Our walks are very short and very much depend on what is happening in the environment. For instance high winds get her very agitated so as you can guess walks have been very short recently.

If she’s in her crate she seems to cope with being left alone, I think if she was loose in the house she may be very anxious.

I have worked very hard to introduce her to a large number of people within the house and she has gained confidence greeting people indoors. Seeing people outside is still a bit too much. She gets on well with my older boy but not so much with my girl.

She needs a lot of ongoing training to help her cope with the world around her. A collie savvy home in a rural environment might suit her well, preferably with  someone who would put in the socialisation and training that she needs.  I live in a very quiet area it is still urban and very overstimulating for her. A home in a more rural area may be better for her.